Rajeev Kothiwal (President)
Rajeev Kothiwal (President)

Hindu Educational Society welcomes you to the largest college in the region. Society is engaged in fulfilling the educational needs of the local population. Hindu College is the largest college among half a dozen institutions run by us. We are focussing on the social, economic, and cultural development of the population. We understand that only educated citizens can strengthen the required values in the changing scenario of the Nation. We are aiming towards, Vision 2020, put forward by the eminent scientist and past President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. We also very strongly wish to contribute our share in the academic field and the fast-growing economy without which all of our efforts would have no meaning.

Educated youth is the backbone of any society and we, through HINDU COLLEGE MORADABAD, are actively engaged in the process of transformation.
I am thankful to the Principal, Faculty, and Supporting Staff of the College for their untiring efforts in the novel causes of education.
Always with you :

Rajeev Kothiwal